SuperLink - Superconducting quantum-classical linked computing systems - aims at tackling critical open problems in quantum computing with superconducting qubits. Superconducting qubits are leading candidates for scaling to disruptively useful quantum computations. However, it has become clear that scaling beyond 100 qubits will require dramatically different architectures since the scientific and engineering overheads of control and readout of these devices have become unmanageable with the approaches used so far.

Our goal is to develop fundamentally new resources to facilitate the scaling up of superconducting quantum computing while reducing the number of input/output channels with novel multiplexing approaches. We will develop testbed compatible devices and interfaces which will fundamentally change the way to control and readout superconducting circuits. Integrated circuits based on superconducting single-flux quantum (SFQ) digital logic will be designed, tested, and then integrated with quantum circuits. We propose a hybrid of classical superconducting SFQ electronics, packaged and linked to quantum devices. New fundamental concepts for control and benchmarking in this linked digital-quantum hybrid system will be devised and implemented.

Such novel quantum resources developed by SuperLink will represent a decisive step forward in the realization of superconducting quantum processors with a truly scalable architecture.

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